• Image of Satan Made Me Queer

A fun play on anti-LBTQ attitudes! Whether you don't believe in satan, are Theistic Satanic, are non-Theistic Satanic, or have a Christian view of Satan, there is nothing wrong with being a Queer person! We manifested this shirt to have multiple meanings to spark you to review your own thoughts and feelings around this. LGBTQ people are who they are, deserve to exist and thrive just like every other person, and are great as every human is!

We have conjured this shirt with the intentions to increase awareness, bring together the community, and help oppressed people. We will be taking a portion of the proceeds and donate to the ACLU who is currently battling anti-trans legislation and racial issues, Trans Lifeline which is a Trans focused multi lingual crisis hotline that also provides micro grants to Trans individuals to assist with document changes and accessing healthcare, Molasses Chicago who supports people who are living the Black Trans experience, and funds will also go directly into the hands of Trans people.