We are DRKLGHT Clothing. Our mission is to encourage people to FOLLOW YOUR OWN LIGHT.

We are proudly LGBTQ owned and operated!

The power to manifest the life that you want is right at your fingertips. The first step is to start with a Positive Mental Attitude. From there you can start to make the changes to pursue your wildest dreams. 

We feel that our shirts help send a positive message into the world. One drop in the pond creates a ripple effect that spreads out. And we feel this can be a good step forward to making this world a better and happier place.

We do not limit our thoughts, experiences, philosophies, or messages. We do not identify with a singular philosophy or religion. We use all symbols and meanings behind them. We encourage you to seek out various thoughts. Your assumptions may be wrong. We suggest to have an open mind as that is the only way one can grow as a human being.

For those of you who believe in themselves, and are ready for a better life that you create -- join us.