The Order is conjuring. We want to Follow Our Own Lights. We want to manifest a better life. We are family. We are The Order Of The DRKLGHT. We are The 206.

We are so ever grateful for those who support us. And for that, we want to support you. We ask you to join our family and our community. We want to create a positive atmosphere, a positive world, and a foundation for better lives.

The 206, representing each bone in the body, represents the importance of each part of the whole. We believe that each member of the Order can be a positive part of the spread of positive thought through out this world.

We ask The 206 to support us just like we will support The 206. The 206 can support by wearing our clothing, supporting others who are wearing our clothing, adding #The206 to their social media profiles, connecting and being a support system for other 206, promoting DRKLGHT, spreading a Positive Mental Attitude, and manifesting a wonderful life by Following Your Own Light.

We plan to take care of The 206, we will have special contests, special products and offers, but mostly, we will be there to support you.